As fitness and nutrition experts, we often hear that ‘the food is the hard part.’ We want to change that. You no longer have to choose between extra time and more convenience OR your health and fitness goals because dinner (and breakfast and lunch) is on us – and we’re serving up both. With ready-to-eat 100% organic and locally sourced meals, Whole Foods Meal Prep is making the food the easy part. So, let's dig in.


Flavorful and high protein whole food meals sourced from the best organic ingredients.


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Welcome to the Whole Foods Meal Prep Difference

Our team of highly qualified and experienced nutritionists, personal trainers and fitness professionals has created something special with you in mind. We start with delicious meals - ones that you'll actually want to eat. Our team then creates individualized meal plans and training programs specifically catered to what you want and need. We never turn to generic nutrition calculators to do the work of a highly trained professional so that whether you're looking to shed a few pounds, build some muscle or just improve your overall health and well-being, we will ensure that you achieve your goals.

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