From The Highest Quality Ingredients

Any great meal has to start with great ingredients and at Whole Foods Meal Prep, we cut no corners. We source the highest quality 100% organic ingredients from local farmers near San Diego, CA. We work locally with our farmers to prioritize sustainable and ethical practices from all organic produce to free range poultry, cage free eggs and grass fed beef. All of our ingredients are delivered fresh in small batches on a weekly basis and never frozen or preserved.

To Whole Food Meals

Once you place your order, our culinary masters get to work to transform ingredients to your delicious whole food meals. Our kitchen works hard to ensure your meals are created fresh on a weekly basis and never pre-packaged or frozen.
You have the option to choose your own meals, or work with one of our certified trainers or nutritionists to help create the perfect menu for you and your goals. Just enter your trainers code at checkout and we will be in contact with them regarding your perfect plan.

Directly To Your Doorstep

If you place or order modify your order by Friday, we will deliver your meals every Sunday to your home or office. We see to it that all of our staff is specially trained with the proper protocol to minimize any risk of COVID-19 transmition, such as ensuring our delivery team utilizes gloves and masks at all times while handling customers meals and transporting meals in Whole Foods Meal Prep certified sanitary bags. If you choose to place a one time order, we drop off your meals with your bags at your doorstep and a one-time bag fee applies. For customers who choose to place a recurring order, two bags will be used at no cost. The first bag will be delivered with your first meal order and picked up when your second order arrives. Your second order of meals will be delivered in a new bag while we take your first bag back to our headquarters to be cleaned and sanitized before we return it to you with your next meal order.
If you would like to place and order modify your order for the following week, please make sure to do so by Friday directly before your meals are delivered by 5:00 pm.

Nutritionist Panel

Julia Gilas

Wyatt Wermager

Alena Dyman

Free home or office deliveries every Sunday.


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